"hunger budgeting" - dr. mocker

"hunger budgeting" - dr. mocker

Ooooo if you give me a electro-psych-rock tune at a brisk pace, I will come running like a dog in front of whom one has dangled a BONE. Dan Murphy, who usually makes experimental synth music as droning muffler, sent me the zippy EP spark chamber, recorded under the name dr. mocker.

(When I emailed Dan to ask where the name dr. mocker came from, he said it, like droning muffler, was a garbled copy of "Dan Murphy". aaah, I get it!!)

EP opener "hunger budgeting" especially stood out to me. Krautrock-inspired synth stays steady underneath increasingly aggressive snare hits and a careening helix of post-punk guitar. This song has me wishing I was in a car, on the highway, watching a broken yellow line dash past in time with the beat. Ominous and intriguing.

spark chamber, by dr. mocker
4 track album

Whil I am here, a note on blog transparency: unless there's some especially compelling reason to not do this (like if a member of the witness protection program talks to me or something), I will share where I found the music I blog about, in addition to what I like about it. I don't want to pretend that I found music by surprise under a rock. Even though that would be crazy, to find music under a rock. I don't pick up a lot of rocks. Anyway, if the music is from a submission, or something I found on Twitter or Discord or a newsletter or someone else's blog, I'll tell u. Also a reminder to send me your tunes: ienjoymusicblog [at] gmail [dot] com☺