Three Music Thingz with (leave) nelson b

Three Music Thingz with (leave) nelson b

Let's freaking go, it's another rendition of Three Music Thingz, the blogseries where I ask musicians for three thingz that are essential to their music-making.

Today we have (leave) nelson b! (leave) nelson b is the solo musical identity of Nelson Brodhead, a producer in Garfield Heights, Ohio, half of the duo Discussing The Sun, and self-described "cleveland browns fan and lover of orange sherbert wu tang and final fantasy." He just put out an album that had my blog antennae buzzing on high alert as soon as I learned of its existence—4​.​0: The Doppelg​ä​nger is a tasty collection of vibey songs, instrumentals, beats and "B-mixes" that were produced over the course of several years, primarily using samples of Brodhead's labelmates on Lonely Ghost Records as source material.

4.0: The Doppelgänger, by (leave) nelson b
11 track album

What does that sound like in practice? "Vestibule" scoops a guitar part from the merrier's Superdestroyer-featuring "Scenery" and flips it into a cozy and contemplative beat. The original version of Analogue Heart's "Digital" is a raw but muted deconstructed disco number; (leave) nelson b's edit pumps up the intensity with sharp, snappy drums and directs extra shine toward its anxious-computer vocals. And his interpolation of Hey, ily's "Projection Joins The Battle" might be called "hey ily is hard to chop yo" but whatever he did to turn it from an abbreviated blast of lo-fi emo to a massive, multilayered slab of shredded sound was 100p worth the effort.

All in all, 4​.​0: The Doppelg​ä​nger is a beautiful reimagining of Lonely Ghost's roster's offerings, with an energy all its own that shows that sample-based music absolutely has a place in DIY rock, and vice versa. I'm stoked to share (leave) nelson b's three thingz on the blog today...keep reading...

  1. Fluidity
    The thing about art, is that it can happen for any reason and I have to be open to that. I must be open to letting anything inspire a sound that I make, good days, bad days, loyal partners, partners who cheat, all of that shit. Previously I went into making a record by answering a question, this one was lighter to make because I didn't have an album focus while making these songs. I created them just to do it and when I looked at my back catalog, it was time to get these songs some exposure and respect.
  2. Love
    I enjoy making music and always want to get something out of an experience with music. I love doing it and that murray be true of everything I put out. That's like my only rule of releasing solo work. I have cut material I love but I never say never, things will come out that I love, once I stop loving it I move on and start a new thing or go play some games or something.
  3. Integrity
    I don't have to like, agree or even respect you for me to be civil, but if you don't have integrity, you are functionally useless to me. Useless on a level that I refuse to even look at you, your not even worth being seen if you have no integrity.

Thank you Nelson!! Listen to 4​.​0: The Doppelg​ä​nger and follow him on IG.

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