happy blogentine's day: Obscurity Knocks (89.9 WLCA)

happy blogentine's day: Obscurity Knocks (89.9 WLCA)

In the spirit of my blogroll, I would like to use today (Valentine's Day) not to exalt romantic love, nor cry into a pile of conversation hearts, but to send a sort of blogentine to some of my favorite musical curators and the great work they do.

I know Matty Monroe through "podcasting" — they came on my podcast to talk about Scott Walker, and then I went on their podcast Indieheads to talk about a whole bunch of stuff. There was a particular two hour period when we listened to the Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow" over and over and...discussed. That was the day I learned there might actually be a good kind of brain damage.

I'd listened to a lot of the Indieheads podcast but never Matty's radio show, Obscurity Knocks, which airs on WLCA, the radio station run by Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois. His newsletter sums up favorite picks from the show, but he recently popped a full episode up on the Indieheads Patreon and WOW! Three hours of the latest indie hits on the 'college radio' level, with some masterful DJ interstitial banter.

Obscurity Knocks - 1/28/24 | Indieheads Podcast
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I learned a lot over the course of the show. I finally feel like I understand the deal with Wisp, the not-yet-legal-drinking-age, San Francisco-based nü-shoegaze phenom—Wisp's new single "See You Soon" is so damn stare-out-the-rainy-window dreamy, I expect it to show up in a future Sofia Coppola movie...

...I crossed a lot of "I've been hearing a lot about them and have been meaning to check them out" boxes, like the austere Dane Astrid Sonne and the mellow-groovy NYC-er DJ STEPDAD...

...I did the Leo pointing at TV thing with "My Fault," the sweet new single from Stay Inside, which has an excellent single-take music video, by the way...

...I finished the show and basically thought about how absolutely hype I'd be about that show if I had access to it as a young'un. I dunno, every time I tuned into my local college radio station (that would be University of Vermont's WRUV, shout out) as a teen, it was often some hipster DJ getting extremely noodly and in the weeds, in love with their own arcane tunes. Matty's show may be called Obscurity Knocks but it feels pitched right down the middle of great indie taste!! Sometimes it's good just to know what's going on, ya know what I mean? Anyway, if you subscribe to the Indieheads Patreon, you'll get more radio show recordings of this ilk.

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