Three Music Thingz with Tame Werewolf

Three Music Thingz with Tame Werewolf

What's up???? We've got a brand new edition of Three Music Thingz, the blogseries where I ask musicians for three thingz that are essential to their music-making.

Today's feature is Tame Werewolf, aka Keivan Hosseini, an electronic musician from Iran whose tunes are pure uncut 24-carat 100% synthwave, baby!

Tame Werewolf songs pull heavily from the musical universe of the 1980s, with elements of Italo Disco, electro house, and chillwave in the mix. I particularly enjoyed listening to his 2021 album Phasermania, whose lush, retro beats are adorned with quirky synth melodies and snippets of vocoder-enriched vocals.

I recently tested a new perfume called In Love With Everything that has a boombox and roller skates on the bottle, and references 1982 Miami in its description; it smells like fruit punch and old-school hairspray, and very much reminds me of the vibe of Tame Werewolf. Recommended for fans of glass bricks, Art Deco buildings, ancient malls, and driving as a leisure activity!

Keivan sent over excellent thingz indeed, particularly if you're into the art and science of the mighty synthesizer. Read on to learn more...

Phasermania, by Tame Werewolf
7 track album

visual depiction of Tame Werewolf's 3 Thingz...
  1. microKORG XL
    The synthesizer that I use most frequently in my production has a significant role in my music production and live performance. Despite its small size, it is powerful in creating sounds. it has many awesome built-in effects such as a decent tape delay (simulation), decimator, phaser, flanger and more. The microKORG is probably one of the best-selling synthesizers but the electric piano feel of the XL version adds a unique touch to my compositions, enriching them with a warmth and character that I find essential to my sound. Whether I'm crafting melodies or layering atmospheric textures, the microKORG XL consistently delivers the sonic depth and flexibility I need to bring my musical ideas to life.

    Throughout my recent recording process for the new album the vocoder has become an essential tool, giving its unique charm to shape harmonies and enrich vocal textures. It's my new ingredient that infuses depth and richness into the backing vocals, supporting the lead to achieve a more harmonic and dynamic outcome. With microKORG'S built-in vocoder, this compact synthesizer allows me to transform my voice into an expressive instrument, adding a whole new dimension to the music production.
  2. Roland SP-555
    The Roland SP-555 holds a special place in my music production setup as it has such a variety of functionalities. It allows me to integrate sampling, looping, and effects processing into my workflow, presenting a wealth of creative possibilities at my fingertips. The interesting part is that it also functions as my audio interface which is really useful.

    The wide range of high-quality onboard effects and processing tools, from classic reverbs and delays to cutting edge pitch-shifting and time-stretching algorithms, empowers me to transform raw recorded samples into polished compositions easily.

    Additionally, real-time control over parameters adds a dynamic element to the performance, allowing to shape and manipulate sounds quickly. Even parameter shifting on filter has such a smooth feel that I couldn’t find in any software. It also gives a sense of creativity and inspiration that fuels my artistic vision. Its intuitive workflow encourages experimentation, making me to push the boundaries of my creativity and explore new sonic territories. Whether I'm composing beats, recording, or performing, the SP-555 never fails to inspire and elevate my music to new levels.
  3. Korg Monologue
    The Korg Monologue stands as a cornerstone of my music production setup and probably the most high quality sounding peace of gear among my production set up offering a unique blend of analog warmth and modern functionality. Despite its compact size, the Monologue packs a punch with its powerful analog synthesis engine, capable of producing a wide range of rich and dynamic sounds.

    At the heart of the Monologue is its versatile oscillator section, which allows me to sculpt everything from classic analog basslines to cutting-edge leads, atmospheric textures and even drum shots. The intuitive interface and hands-on controls make it easy to create the perfect sound quickly, whether I'm crafting intricate patches from scratch or exploring the vast library of presets.

    One of the standout features of the Monologue is its programmable sequencer, which also can be used as a drum machine. It adds a new dimension to my music-making process. With the ability to create and manipulate complex sequences on the fly, the Monologue empowers me to unleash my creativity and explore rhythmic patterns, arpeggios and melodies in real-time. Whether I'm jamming out ideas or performing live, the Monologue's sequencer provides great possibilities for musical expression.

    Beyond its technical capabilities, the Monologue inspires me with its sleek design and rugged build quality, making it a reliable companion both in the studio and on stage. Its small real-time oscilloscope is perfectly accurate, for me it recalls a retro vibe with its digital graphics. Overall, the Monologue is a creative analog synthesizer that fuels my passion for music-making and inspires me to push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

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♬ original sound - TAME WEREWOLF

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