tw**ts about b*ygenius

tw**ts about b*ygenius

Someone went viral yesterday for tweeting a complaint about a "local opener" for a Boygenius show in Toronto, a band "full of the literal men they are parodying." As someone else pointed out, the band in question is Broken Social Scene, a popular band that has included women on its lineup for a few decades. There are rich layers to the tweet, including the idea that Boygenius are a parody band, but I was mostly tickled at the asteriskization of Boygenius.

From my understanding, adding *s to proper nouns on Twitter started as a way to tweet honestly about something popular without getting namesearched and subsequently bothered by fans of that popular thing — for example, I am much too wise to tweet anything critical about T*ylor Sw*ft, because I value my life and limbs — and now I feel like most of the time, the tactic is used as a joke rather than anything functional.

I don't know whether this original person tweeting "b*y g*nius" was doing it as a joke or not, but it made me think that Boygenius probably has some great asterisk-hidden tweets about them out there. Here are some good ones I found — in the spirit of asterisk-anonymity, I am not linking them 🤫

"b*ygenius fans kinda ruining it for me. like what do you mean “omg this is so phoebe coded.” that is a button down shirt"

"3 ppl so far needed medics at b*ygenius slfjkfkf it’s not that serious y’all 😭 pls drink some water"

"i don't know who needs to hear this but b*ygenius is not the PH*EBE BR*DGERS SHOW with special guests lucy and julien. they're all in it together bozos"

"do people like b*ygenius or did someone just put "night shift" on a playlist for you since you work in the service industry"

"this time next week i will be in the b*ygenius pit alone and crying as g*d intended"