happy blogentine's day: We Take Manhattan's See Hear Now set

happy blogentine's day: We Take Manhattan's See Hear Now set

In the spirit of my blogroll, I would like to use today (Valentine's Day) not to exalt romantic love, nor cry into a pile of conversation hearts, but to send a sort of blogentine to some of my favorite musical curators and the great work they do.

Last Blogentine of the Night. Like Napoleon writing letters to Josephine, it's short...but sweet. You might already know how big a fan I am of We Take Manhattan, the DJ/party-throwing duo of Charlie Baker and Shallowhalo's Allyson Camitta. I went to several We Take Manhattan parties at Old Flings in the East Village when I lived in NYC, and even 'hosted' one, which made me—a certified goober—feel very cool.

oh my god my name was on a flier

I've been following their NYC-based exploits with interest from across le country, and when I saw they shared a neat-looking snippet of a DJ set that had some FUNKY 360° camera angles, I was like....ohhhhhh....what is THISSS???

The answer: an hour-long DJ set recorded for See Hear Now, an audiovisual series shot by studio / creative production company Dark Igloo. As a video gal, I'm always interested in filmmaking innovations for the timeworn tradition of "performing live," and the See Hear Now setup is cool as a cucumber wearing a pair of Ray-Bans: lots of neon, analog-looking TV screens, a DJ booth encased by the bones of a geodesic dome that peoples start to climb throughout the set?? Gritty handheld VHS-style close-ups? Hachi machi!

And the We Take Manhattan set itself is bloghaus-style eleganza: "Breakfast" by Le Le (my new favorite food-themed minimalist electro song, after "Sandwiches" by Detroit Grand Pubahs of course), my beloved partystarter "Where's Your Head At," a groovy Motion Studies remix of Shallowhalo's "Renaissance Affair"...they also played my beloved "The Trench Coat Museum" by Yard Act, which I wrote about during my end of year favorite song recommendation bonanza. And probably also some other stuff that hasn't been released yet because they're sneaky like that.

Some of my most beloved YouTube videos are 'pregamers', meaning they look good, they sound good, and they're worth throwing up on the TV while I get ready for yet another glamorous night out. We Take Manhattan's See Hear Now set is a definite pregamer. J'adore!!

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